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Radio frequency, meso therapy and micro hydra-lift are all your go to skin firming treatments. They are all perfectly done in a series of 3-6 treatments for optimal results, and work as a great long-term maintenance for the skin.


Radio Frequency produces electrical pulses converted to thermal energy which then re-energises and essentially ‘wakes up’ the dermis. This thermal energy generates an initial collagen structural change and tissue contraction can be felt, with subsequent visits the formation of new

collagen synthesis occurs, and a visible lifting & firm effect is achieved.

Eyebrow Wax and Tint Brisbane
Non-Surgical Treatment Brisbane

Mesotherapy is another form of firming and tightening but with the added benefit of promotion skin brightness and overall evening out of your skin complexion. Our needle-free mesotherapy uses electroporation to move serums directly into the deep layers of the skin, without puncturing or harming the skin. It delivers 1000x more serum than topical absorption alone.

Micro Hydra-Lift is the newest relaxing facial done but done with a device. The four modalities in this treatment helps improve lack of moisture/hydration, dull skin, de-oxygenated skin and lack of collagen and elasticity type skins. This treatment helps to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin pushing moisture molecules into the deep layers of the skin using specialised whirlpool tip to suck oxidised sebum from the skin. The lifting component of this treatment helps to regenerate the dead collagen & elastin skin cells to allow firmness to form beneath the surface of the skin to give you that radiant and natural lifted GLOW.

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