Collagen Induction Therapy Brisbane

Collagen induction therapy is a form of introducing firmness back into the skin through penetration. We use a skin needling pen that contains tiny needles to create micro-channels/injuries in the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin formation. We remove the dead skin layer with the needles to then introduce a new layer of skin 3-days after your collagen induction therapy.

Collagen truly is the skin’s best healer. That’s why an ability to encourage its production is one of the great benefits of collagen induction therapy. The pricks are so small that you’re unlikely to notice them once the treatment is finished. Not only will there be an increase in collagen production but the skin’s ability to absorb skincare product improves ten-fold, meaning that the products you invest in will work to their optimal performance level – as intended.

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This treatment not only benefits your skin with collagen and elastin regeneration but helps to remove stubborn post-acne scars and helps to unclog pores and close off the pathway for new harmful acne to form. It is also designed to remove sun damage, hyper-pigmentation and stretch marks, and we have found that our needling treatments have been completely safe for sensitive skin types.

The treatment itself can take anywhere from 1 hour to 1 ½ hours, generally we recommend a series of 4-6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart for optimum skin results. This is all discussed during your first consultation in salon and your skin therapist will personally advise of what suits you individually, as well prescribe a home care solution for you and pre-schedule your appointments to carry out full course of needling when required.

Collagen Induction Benefit -

One of the great benefits of skin needling is that you can see results almost immediately! This is because the skin’s collagen production starts accelerating as soon as the micro-wounds are created in the skin. With best results starting to show 4-6 weeks after your treatment and will continue to improve as you follow your treatment course.

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