The Verve Lounge Skin Health


– Chris H

“The ladies here are so helpful and professional. After my first treatment there was visible difference. I highly recommend you give them a try.”

– Denise Saini

“Fabulous !!! The ladies are just beautiful welcoming the service great.”

– Angela Sullivan

“Love my visits to The Verve Lounge. The staff are lovely and I always leave feeling totally relaxed and spoilt. Great products and great service.”

– Lilly Dawes

“Now I know whom I can trust with my eyes closed – THE VERVE LOUNGE. All staffs here are really helpful and friendly behaviour. And the service…I was so surprised how they notice a single error in my skin, even those I didn’t notice. I am really satisfied and already recommended to my friends.”

– Rose Fereday

“I am so glad about visiting THE VERVE LOUNGE. The experts here are so much experienced, and I never get such welcome and service from any other spa. I just loved their service, and it was a lovely experience. I have already recommended my friends for this lounge and will back again.”

– Rachel Kelliher

“This is such a beautiful relaxing clinic and the girls are so lovely and knowledgeable. I had hifu treatment done almost two months ago and I am loving the results. I have felt it has improved my jowling and sagging skin in the lower face. I’ll definitely be back next year for another one.”

– Zara Tranter

“I genuinely recommend The Verve Lounge. The staffs and specialists are so welcoming. I felt absolutely at ease how the HIFU specialist explains the procedure. She answers to my all question with satisfying answers and made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. And guess what?? Now I am very happy with the result.”

– Kyle Spence

“My experience at The Verve Lounge was incredible. My dermal therapist, Karly was very personable and listened to my needs. She is very knowledgeable not only about skin health but inner health. This was a real treat for me. I’ve been in the market for new treatments and skin products for a while now. She prescribed me with new skin products which I absolutely love and am proud to tell others about. Not only have I noticed a difference in my skin but my friends and family have too.”

– Sophia Collin

“I get fully satisfied service from the experts here, and all staffs are really, really unreal. Thank you all for organizing such a place and offering amazing beauty treatments. Can’t describe my happiness in words because of The Verve Lounge! Highly recommended place…”

– Cooper Binnie

“I can’t explain in words how much am grateful to them. The makeup artist did a great job. It was really and really wonderful…Thank you so much for that look. I wish whenever I will have an invitation, I can meet your place again. Thank You once again.”

– Ellie Warfe

“Great place for HIFU treatment…lovely service. Even I can’t express in words how happy I am. The staffs here are so well behaved, courteous and responsive. Excellent communication line. Thank you Fariel and your team for the lovely experience. I will definitely recommend my friends and will be back soon.”

– Isaac Houtman

“Finally… I find the right place for waxing. I must say the ladies there are highly skilled, friendly behaviour and heard what I wanted. I think they are the best. They complete the service before I could realize and win my heart. 5 stars from me… I wish I could give more. Thank you all.”

– Janet Lawson

“I was so nervous when I visited The Verve Lounge for the HIFU treatment but the staffs there were very friendly and calm me down. And indeed, it was a great experience. And the result…OMG…it’s just WOW. I can’t explain how much happy I am with their service. I want to thank them all.”

– Danielle Ong

“So happy to visit this place… The ladies there were so friendly and helpful. It was a lovely and relaxing experience. Highly skilled and professional. I get a great service from Feriel and her staffs. Thank you all, and will be back!”

– Zac Lynton

“It was my first visit to The Verve Lounge, and it is not going to be the last one. Lovely lounge for wonderful service and cooperation from experts. I have already recommended my friends, and I will be back soon. Thank you so much for being there for us.”

– Josephe Coudert

“Till now, I have visited several spas near and far, but I can’t compare the service of The Verve Lounge with others. They are exceptional. Each of the employees here is friendly and seriously helpful. This place is a stress relief for me. Thank You so much.”

– Charlotte Ravet

“It is a great arrangement of friendly service and skilled staff. They make me happier whenever I visit them. I love getting pampered here. I am so grateful to Feriel for being there for us.
I always recommend people to visit her place and everyone thanks me for this reference.”

– Tyler Strahan

“I am so happy that I have visited The Verve Lounge for a party make up. Everyone was admiring my look. It was an amazing feeling, and the credit goes to Fariel, of course. Now I know who the one is for the best makeup. Thank You once again…”

– Chris Prokopiou

“Each time I visit The Verve Lounge, the more I feel thankful to them. I never regret deciding on this place. Rather, I recommend all my friends to visit the lounge. Whether waxing or HIFU, I can’t imagine anyone else than the specialists here. Thank you all for being for us.”

– Rebecca Gibbs

“I had my first HIFU session at THE VERVE LOUNGE, and my experience was great. I was a little bit nervous, but all of them assure me and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. And the result is just WOW…Thank you all.”

– Jessica Callaghan

“It is the best place for a facial I ever visited before. The result is just WOW… I highly recommend them. Not only the facial, their service is lovely as well. I didn’t feel that it was the first time I met them. The staffs are so helpful and friendly behaviour. Will be back.”

– Eli Huang

“It was an amazing experience I had…They are so much cooperative and caring. Experts gave great advice on the right facial and daily skincare. I tried their suggestion and OMG… now I am glowing. I highly recommend this place and will visit again.”

– Sophia Fitzsimmons

“Thankfully I got to know about The Verve Lounge at the right time before the previous spa led me to more skin-damaging experience. So, I have decided I will only visit this place regarding any beauty treatment. Thank you Fariel for amazing services.”

– Margaret Shelton

“I am a regular client of Feriel and always love her services. Not only me, I constantly recommend people to visit her, and guess what… Everyone thanks me for the reference. And I want to Thanks Feriel for being able with great services always.”

– Andrew Collins

“I went to this salon two months ago for bridal makeup. I got great service from Babor facials Brisbane. Their professional makeup artists are fabulous. I am impressed. Frankly speaking their hospitality, professional & friendly staff won my heart. I’ll be here for the next facial.”

– bronwyn pearce

“Beautiful salon and treatments just perfect.Thanks heaps ladies will be back soon my skin feels amazing.”

– Andrea Quaylw

“Micro with Carly. Wow. Could not recommend her more. So beautiful gentle professional and great massage. Do yourself a favour. Go see her!!!”

– Joe Singh

“Highly Recommend The Verve Lounge, they really give expert advice and really help you through your skin journey! Love the BABOR products too!”

– Nabeel Ali

“Highly recommend The Verve Lounge, they’ve helped me with my teenage acne and my results are phenomenal. Love the BABOR products too!”

– Chrissy Bos

“Couple of days after getting their microdermabrasion treatment, my face looks so much better and brighter. I love the location and the customer service is great! Highly recommended :)”

– Joana Lee

“Highly Recommend, it’s a place you have to visit with your skin concerns and goals! Thank you girls! x.”

– Shalia Nafiz

“The Verve Lounge is an amazing place to go for your facials, waxing plus hair and make up. I have known the owner more then 8 years and she has been doing a amazing job. I never look to go anywhere else and now all the products she has is so beneficial to my skin. From skin care products to make up products the Verve Lounge has it all.”

– Jordana Gray

“I don’t often give public reviews but I was so impressed with my wax treatment at The Verve Lounge that I had to. Such a beautiful, relaxing salon with amazing customer service. Feriel was so considerate and gave me a lot of helpful advice. She made me feel so comfortable and it was easily the least painful wax I’ve ever had. Unfortunately I don’t live in Brisbane otherwise I’d be back regularly!”

– Jess C

“I have had waxing, facials and makeup done by the wonderful team at The Verve Lounge. The salon is beautiful and in a very convenient location. Feriel loves what she does and each treatment has been nothing but blissful and professional. Looking forward to my next appointment.”

– Donna Hadfield

“Love the girls so professional and wonderful.”

– Debbie Todd

“A beautiful and relaxing business the owner Fareal goes above and beyond with her services she offers …she is so professional and is an expert in Skin care …I love her products…and felt amazing when I left skin felt so soft and hydrated …. I cannot recommend her enough …the quality of her products are wonderful and she is so passionate with making sure her client feels utterly pampered….cannot wait til my next treatment.”

– Carolina Saúde

“I chose The Verve Lounge for my formal night. I had the best experience, my hair and make up were more than what I could imagine I absolutely loved it. More then just the quality of my make up and hair the way I felt welcomed and special gave me so much happiness and confidence for the night. Feriel and Nubayesha made my dream come true, thank you ♥️.”

– Maureen G

“Great service, so welcoming and friendly. Treats you like family and so incredibly knowledgeable.”

– Byron Van Chilton

“Great staff, amazing product range, convenient location ????✨.”

– Melissa Todd

“I have been going to The Verve Lounge for 6 months now and having the Barbor facials with Feriel, my skin has never been clearer and more hydrated than it is now! I used to cover my face with makeup to hide all of the imperfections …. not anymore ❤️. Can not recommend Feriel highly enough!”

– Jack Archbold

“I chose The Verve based on previous reviews for my partner and found Feriel and Nubayesha both to be amazing. Not only professional but very friendly and personable, I got lost first time and phoned and Nubayesha came out to the street to wave to me and show us in. Great service, would recommend.”

– Brittany Capps

“Amazing beautiful people, best service and omg the facials if you have breakouts oxygen facials are the best here I’ve ever had!!!!”

– Michelle Ussher

“Amazing experience.”

– Ryan Aiman

“Amazing service.”

– J Cottee

“Have been visiting this beautiful oasis of luxury for about 2 yrs. Their attention to detail and hospitality brings me back every time. A program and home care system designed specifically for me. I love how Feriel is constantly learning and on the hunt for new research and latest practices. I’m hugely fussy and particular especially being a woman of colour most don’t know how to deal. Expert advice and treatments. She tells it how it is no lies no BS. All backed by an amazing team! I love their at home kits leaves my skin with that salon glow – we could use a little glow in our life.”

– Nubayesha Ali

“The Verve Lounge has helped me with my teenager acne, I suffered from a severe case of cystic acne and I had totally given up with my skin because every time it’d get better it got worst again. But the therapist at The Verve Lounge gave me a proper consultation about what is wrong with my skin and why I break out like I do, and she helped with healing my skin both internally and externally with the right skin treatment plan and home care products. Now my skin has cleared up and I can’t even tell I had cystic acne! But I still get skin treatments done with the girls there because they’re amazing!
Thank you so much for helping me with this process!”

– Joules Auna

“Hey The Verve Lounge is a Special place with very Skilled and Certified beauty therapists!! I came to Feriel and her amazing team with pigmentation and acne scars. As a person of a colour it is very Rare to find a Professional Beauty therapist with experience and the right equipment for dark skin tones. Feriel personalised a beauty treatment plan to suite my needs and recommended high end German product Babor. Honestly two months on I am loving the results. Though I wish the healing process didn’t take so long I would definitely get a treatment every fortnight. Her team of qualified professionals are very attentive to your needs and make you feel comfortable the moment you enter the door. I highly recommend The Verve Lounge to anyone with skin problems or or need professional beauty products. They are the plug!”

– Angel-lucianna Vesna

“industry, and I can highly recommend Feriel. Her attentiveness, care, knowledge, skills, professionalism is something I can count on each time! She is a person with integrity’ and I totally put my trust in her.
Over the years I had visited a lot of different beauty salons and receiving a lot of different services by many qualified beauty therapist, some good some not too good! I found most of them are lacking in experience and just wanting sales. Feriel however has my best interests at heart and would tell me each time what I need to revive my skin by various treatments. Namely deep moisturizing, high frequency, various peels, skin needling and Hi fu over the spent of 2.5 years.
I can’t thank you & the team enough for your expertise for keeping me forever young and able to keep my ” outside” beautiful, giving my appearance in top shape for my confidence and be the best version of oneself.”

– Tronix4eva

“Wow, what a beautiful place and Feriel is so wonderful and caring. If you need help with your skin this is the place to go. Honest and upfront with real results. I am amazed at how good my face feels and the immediate changes I saw, so excited for the results still to come. I highly recommend you visit and try, you won’t regret it and will walk away with a new found knowledge on skin care and a professional honest, caring advisor that will actually help you and care about the results you get! ❤ Phoenix.”

– Lee Anne

“The Verve Lounge is an actual skin lifesaver! I have grown up with really sensitive and red skin, and nobody had the right education or expertise to help me growing up. Ever since I started going to The Verve Lounge, I have noticed a huge change in my skin, the redness is no longer as harsh as what it was growing up and my sensitivity has calmed down ever since I’ve been using the right products customised to my skin type and concerns by BABOR! Thank you Verve, you guys rock!”