Clinically tested and proven to safely achieve a tighter and more structured facial contour by working with the skin inside out. Reducing superficial and deep wrinkles, repairing collagen and elastin fibers.

Doctor BABOR TheraPRO Peels

Doctor BABOR TheraPRO Peels

This miracle chemical peel is the gentlest of all Alpha Hydroxy Acids, completely transforms skin dullness, improves wrinkles, and fine lines.

Treatment Time 45 minutes

Non Surgical Treatment in Brisbane

Prescriptive Enzyme Peels

Excellent treatment procedure for Anti-Ageing, Acne Scars and Thickened Skins. This Enzyme peel accelerates the natural exfoliation process of the skin.

Treatment Time 60 minute

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

The led light therapy helps to improve your skin with innovative energy source, that are directly transmitted in a non-invasive way.

Treatment Time 20 minute