“industry, and I can highly recommend Feriel. Her attentiveness, care, knowledge, skills, professionalism is something I can count on each time! She is a person with integrity’ and I totally put my trust in her.
Over the years I had visited a lot of different beauty salons and receiving a lot of different services by many qualified beauty therapist, some good some not too good! I found most of them are lacking in experience and just wanting sales. Feriel however has my best interests at heart and would tell me each time what I need to revive my skin by various treatments. Namely deep moisturizing, high frequency, various peels, skin needling and Hi fu over the spent of 2.5 years.
I can’t thank you & the team enough for your expertise for keeping me forever young and able to keep my ” outside” beautiful, giving my appearance in top shape for my confidence and be the best version of oneself.”